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My name is Shannon M and I'd like to tell you a little bit about my custom home builder, Ed Merkel, Elmwood Custom Homes.
My husband and I bought a lot in Ferris July 2016 and worked with one builder, then with another, then BACK with the first builders to try and have our custom home built. Each time, the bids the builders gave me were averaging $30,000 more than the property and build were appraising for. Fast forward to February, and we were DONE. After months of waiting on information, calls not being returned, etc., we decided to sell our property and buy an existing home.

I called our realtor to put the lot on the market, and she suggested I contact Ed. I was highly doubtful my husband would agree to trying this again, but he said okay, so we gave Ed a call. I am so, so glad we did. I spoke with Ed on a Thursday. By Friday, we had a rough estimate. The next Thursday, we sat down and talked everything over (plans, designs, etc), and from that point, the ball did not stopped rolling. When we got an official bid from Ed, it was $30000 LESS than both of the other builders, and right at the appraisal amount. Ed promised to have our house completed in 90 days. We started building at the March 21, 2017, and our home was ready June 20, 2017. We closed June 29, 2017.

Ed is well-connected and incredibly knowledgeable in the construction industry. He is reliable and trustworthy, and won't build a house he wouldn't be proud to call his own. I could list all of his qualities, but I think what I have loved the most is his approachability (if that's a word?). We were brand new to the custom home building process. With the other 2 builders (don't get me wrong -- they were nice people who build lovely homes), whenever I had a question, I felt like I was either inconveniencing them, or they felt I should already know the answer. With Ed, there was never a stupid question, and he is so patient when I ask. He is completely transparent with everything -- budget, time, etc. He contacts me several times a week to let me know what's going on, where we stand, and what's getting built/ordered/installed/what-have-you. His professionalism is outstanding. Ed is, simply put, amazing.

Shannon M.
Satisfied Home Owner